About Me: 
I am an easy going woman that likes to get-er-done and have fun in the process. I live life to the fullest and do my best to treat everyone equally. I have 11 years of Production experience and love what I do. Production came naturally as I started off as a photographer. When I moved to New York at the start of my career, I worked at a Photographer's Agency and that is where I transitioned to Production. Being from Savannah I have learned the true meaning of hospitality. Mix this hospitality with 9 years of New York production experience and you get a well balanced producer. Or so I like to think. I currently live in San Francisco where I still take on work from both coasts.
Beauty, fashion, Travel, action, cars, kids, lifestyle, nature, sports, homes and gardens- bring it on! I will take on any project big or small.   
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